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If you have a loose, uncomfortable denture, stabilizing it with mini-implants can be an excellent solution. The denture is held in place by narrow implants that have been placed in the jaw. The denture snaps onto the implants in your jaw, keeping the denture secure in your mouth, but allowing you to remove it when necessary. Mini-implants are often used where there is not enough jawbone for conventional implants, or to temporarily stabilize a denture while conventional implants are healing.

The Procedure

Although each case will be unique, placing a miniimplant retained denture generally involves several steps. First, we check your denture to confirm that it is suitable for use with mini-implants. Next, we completely numb the area to make you comfortable. We make a shallow channel in the jaw for each implant, and then we guide the implants through these channels into the jawbone. We modify your denture by adding attachments that fit over the implants. Last, we snap the denture into place, check the fit and your bite, and your denture is ready for use.

The benefits of a denture retained by mini-implants

Mini-implants have several advantages. They make dentures much more stable in the mouth, so you can chew and talk more easily. They are generally ready for use in just one or two appointments. We can often modify your existing dentures to fit over the implants. And the dentures are removable for easier cleaning and checkups. With proper homecare and regular checkups, your mini-implants and denture can provide a secure and natural-looking smile.

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