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White Fillings

Nobody wants a cavity, but chances are you will experience one or two throughout your lifetime. With Twin Dental’s tooth-colored fillings, combating these cavities have become much more manageable.There are a few symptoms of cavities you can pay attention to at home. For example, you may experience increased sensitivity to hot, cold or spicy foods, interrupted sleep due to discomfort, and/or pinpointed pain or toothaches. Between varying pain levels, tricky locations and minute size, however, cavities can be challenging to self-diagnose. X-rays and dentist evaluation are two accurate methods of diagnosis, especially when the cavity resides in between teeth.

The key to effective treatment is early identification. Do not allow for progression of the cavity by waiting too long to call our Cincinnati office. Installing a filling is now a relatively simple procedure. In the past, amalgam fillings were most common. These noticeable, metal chunks within the mouth are comprised of a mix of silver, tin, copper and mercury. They are even known to fracture teeth over time and darken your smile.

A tooth-colored filling, on the other hand, is made of composite resin materials, including porcelain, that can be blended to match the existing color of your tooth. With this comes a cosmetic advantage, as well as a health advantage; there is no risk of mercury absorption. In addition, tooth-colored fillings are able to bond with your natural tooth, becoming one. This creates a stronger connection between the filling and the tooth. We promise you will be comfortable in our care.

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