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This plan is not to be considered insurance and is only offered to those patients without dental insurance, or with insurance that reimburses directly to the patient.

The Twin Dental Wellness Plan is annually renewable. Fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable. No substitutions are allowed. All benefits must be used within the 12-month time period after membership is paid in full.

The cost of the plan is a flat, one-time fee of $415 (Adult), $350 (Child) or $781 (Periodontal) per person per year, due at sign-up. Each additional family member will pay $100 to be added to the enrollment.* This fee is payable by cash, check, Visa, Master Card or Discover. CareCredit is not applicable.

This plan is only for Twin Dental. Specialist referrals are not included in this program.

Children must be dependents of immediate family members.

To receive discount, all balances must be paid in full when services are rendered.

If patient cancels any appointment within 2 business days of appointment, he or she will be placed on a 24-hour cancellation restriction. If there is a second cancellation within 24 hours of an appointment, the plan will be nullified and all fees are forfeited.

Discount does not apply if treatment is due to injury with litigation, disability, or workers compensation.

*Dependents must be living at home, under 24 years old, and single.