What Are Complete Dentures and Partial Dentures?

For those who are missing all or many of their teeth, dentures and partial dentures are a cost-effective restoration option.

Our teeth serve many functions, and when many are missing, it can cause problems, not just for self-esteem, but for eating and speaking as well. Fortunately, modern dentistry has many options when it comes to restoring your smile. One you may want to consider is dentures.

Dentures come in a wide variety, but the two main types are complete dentures and partial dentures. Partial dentures can be used to fill large gaps between healthy teeth, whereas complete dentures are used as a complete replacement for all of the upper or lower teeth. Both of these types can help restore both the look and basic functions of your smile.

Immediate dentures, which we offer at Twin Dental, can be made ahead of time and placed immediately after the remaining teeth have been extracted. This means the patient doesn’t need to be without teeth for any period of time. However, because the mouth changes while the healing is taking place, more visits to the dentist may be required in order to ensure that the dentures are still fitting properly.

In the second part of our blog, we’ll be taking a brief look at what the process of getting dentures involves. This only touches a little on the restoration options available for those who are missing teeth, so if you’d like to know which solutions are best for your individual case, schedule an appointment with Dr. Mike or Dr. Dave for a consultation.

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