All About Sedation Dentistry

woman being sedated by nitrous oxide
woman being sedated by nitrous oxide

The team at Twin Dental knows that not every patient is pro-dentist. It is not that you don’t think Drs. Dave and Mike Rothan aren’t completely competent and compassionate, but a trip to the dentist…any dentist can be daunting. Fear of the unknown or less-than-fond memories of past procedures can be anxiety-inducing, causing some patients to put off important dental work or even a basic cleaning or checkup. And, the longer they stay away from the dentist the worse the problems may become.

Do not let worries and woes keep you from caring for your oral health. Twin Dental will provide as many ways as possible to alleviate undue stress and anxiety. When you learn more about the various forms of sedation dentistry we offer at our practice, you will realize there are real ways to overcome your fear. When you are at ease, the appointment is so much easier—for both you and the dentist. Learn more below and you will discover how sedation dentistry can change your outlook on oral health and how it can not be so scary after all.

What are the main reasons people choose sedation dentistry?

The fear factor is number one. Having dental work done surely is not anything close to a walk in the park for most people. Some handle it quite well, while others have a hard time even thinking about it, let alone coming in for an appointment. Anxiety levels can go through the roof, causing a patient to become paralyzed with fear, oftentimes avoiding their important dental visit altogether. Whether the fear factor is just a smidge or something closer to very serious, sedation dentistry is a safe and effective way to calm those nerves and make the dental appointment as relaxing and peaceful as possible. We promise it’s a game-changer.

We may opt for sedation dentistry if a lot of dental work needs to be completed in a single visit. Even if the patient is not fearful, such a long day in the dentist’s chair can become grueling, even for the least-afraid patient. Taking the edge off makes the hours go by so much faster. Less tension and more time to “meditate” makes things go much more smoothly.

Is sedation dentistry safe?

Sedation dentistry is a safe approach that many of our patients choose. We keep a close and careful eye on you throughout the entire dental appointment, meticulously monitoring your mood, behavior, and overall activity. From administration up until the appointment is complete, the dentist and accompanying assistant will be 100% sure you are in good hands, feel well, and remain safe and healthy throughout. We’ve been administering sedatives to our patients for a long time with positive results.

What types of sedation dentistry do you have available for your patients at Twin Dental?

We offer three kinds of sedation dentistry – Sublingual Sedation, Oral Sedation, and Nitrous Oxide. Learn more about each type below:

Sublingual Sedation – A sedation-inducing drug is administered right over the sublingual gland (under the tongue) and in about 30 minutes, the sedative effect will kick in. You will settle in and once you’re ready, we will get to work. While IV sedation kicks in more quickly (nearly immediately), the benefit of sublingual sedation is that no needles are needed. For some people, needles add another level of fear! With sublingual sedation, you just sit back, relax, and let the sublingual sedation take effect. Simple as that. When you are given this type of sedation, you will need to plan for someone trustworthy to drive you home, as you will remain in somewhat of a sedated state for hours past your appointment. If someone can stay by your side at home until you feel like yourself again, even better.

Oral Sedation – Pre-appointment, we will prescribe a pill for you to take on an empty stomach one hour before you come in for your procedure. If this sedation is not strong enough to calm you, we may include nitrous oxide (see below) on top of it for an added measure. Make sure you have someone who can drive you to the appointment when an oral pill is prescribed.

Nitrous Oxide – You may have heard of “laughing gas” which is a common layperson’s term for nitrous oxide. You will breathe in the nitrous oxide through your mouth – as much or as little as you need to feel calmer. You can drive home yourself since nitrous oxide wears off in a few minutes after the last puff. For those who are not frozen with fear, nitrous oxide is more than likely a good first choice.

Now that you know more about sedation dentistry, ask us what we can do for you during your next appointment at Twin Dental. If anxiety and worry are holding you back from caring for your oral health, sedation dentistry is available to soothe you. Talk to the Twin Dental team and fight that fear as you slip into safe sedation.

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