Comprehensive Dental Exams and Cleanings in Cincinnati, OH

Twin Dental is dedicated to providing superior general family dental care for patients in and around Cincinnati. Our team is committed to serving our community in a customized manner. Each patient’s unique needs are always taken into consideration, as we tailor our treatment plans specific to your individual care.

Our roots lie in preventive dental care, leading to our recommendation of an exam every six months. Most dental problems start small but left undiagnosed, they go through a rapid growth phase. Regular exams enable us to catch a myriad of problems before they become serious conditions, such as plaque buildup, gingivitis, cavities, cracked or leaking fillings, and bite concerns. Biannual cleanings also enable us to remove tartar accumulation on your teeth. As part of your appointment, we will perform a thorough exam to check your gums, measure the bone levels around your teeth, look for cavities, check your restorations, and examine your bite.

Preventive Care

The health of your teeth and gums significantly affect your total well-being. Our team believes preventive care are key to achieving superior oral and overall health. Regular exams are the best way to eliminate the growth phase of dental problems and predict future developments, minimizing the time and money you spend in the dental chair.

Twin Dental cleanings maintain your family’s healthy, beautiful smiles for a lifetime. Call us today to schedule your exam. Our talented team of hygienists and dentists look forward to working with you.