Digital Dentures in Cincinnati, OH

Experience the Future of Dentures with Digital Dentures

At Twin Dental, we’re excited to offer a revolutionary solution: digital dentures. Utilizing the latest technology and manufacturing techniques, our digital dentures provide a precise fit and natural-looking smile that you’ll love. So, say goodbye to the discomfort and hassle of traditional dentures and hello to a beautiful, comfortable, and functional smile with our Cincinnati dentist.

Advantages of Digital Dentures at Twin Dental

Digital dentures are designed using advanced software and high-tech fabrication techniques, resulting in a precise fit and natural-looking smile. 
Choosing digital dentures at Twin Dental brings you the following advantages:

Precision Fit

Traditional denture-making procedures can be prone to errors such as material shrinkage and distortion. With our digital fabrication process, we eliminate these issues. 
Our dental professionals take accurate measurements of your mouth, which are then entered into a computer software program that allows us to design your denture to your exact requirements digitally. From there, a high-tech milling machine precisely mills the denture from an advanced acrylic material, creating a digital denture with a computer-precise fit.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Digital dentures offer customization and aesthetic enhancement that traditional dentures cannot match. The disc material used to create digital denture teeth has a translucent quality that closely mimics natural teeth. Our digital design and milling process also allow us to customize your denture’s shade, size, shape, and surface characteristics. The result is a beautiful, natural-looking smile that’s uniquely yours.

Reduced Office Time

Getting traditional dentures can be a lengthy process that involves multiple appointments. With digital dentures, we can deliver in as little as three meetings, saving you time and scheduling hassles. Our advanced software and fabrication techniques also streamline the process so you can enjoy your new smile sooner.

Permanent Digital Record

Traditional dentures require multiple appointments and weeks of waiting if they need to be repaired or replaced. With digital dentures, we create a permanent digital record of your denture that allows us to make a replacement quickly and easily. So, whether you need a new or implant-supported denture, our digital record ensures a more predictable and straightforward process.

Comfortable Fit

Digital dentures offer a lighter, more natural feel that is comfortable and practical. Our denture is made from a strong, homogenous acrylic material that can be milled to create a thicker denture in areas where additional strength is required and thinner in other areas for comfort. The digital process ensures no material shrinkage, resulting in a denture that conforms precisely to your mouth.

Experience the Benefits of Digital Dentures at Twin Dental

At Twin Dental in Cincinnati, OH, we’re committed to providing our patients with the latest and most advanced dental solutions. Our digital dentures are just one example of how we’re leveraging technology to provide better results and a better patient experience. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and experience the future of dentures.