Digital X-Rays in Cincinnati, OH

If you ask our team at Twin Dental about the technological advancement providing the greatest benefit for general dentistry, we will probably answer with digital radiography. The advantages of digital X-rays are immeasurable. To begin, the images are available much faster than in the past. We can view images instantly, as well as store them electronically for retrieval in the future. In addition, we can enhance images in a variety of ways to improve viewing. Safety-wise, in comparison to traditional techniques, up to 80 percent less radiation is emitted. To this point, we avoid the chemicals used in the traditional developing process.

The Process

The process of digital radiography is exciting to us. We use a small sensor connected directly to a computer. The process is quicker because the sensor is merely moved from tooth to tooth rather than reloading a film positioner for each image. Digital X-rays allow us to see details and recognize circumstances that aid tremendously in diagnosis.
Digital radiography is an advanced technology that helps us stay ahead of our oral health game. With a glimpse below the surface, we are able to plan a course of action that is most accurate and efficient.
This is especially pertinent to our youngest patients. Digital X-rays allow us to see the development of adult teeth, though they have not yet begun to protrude through the gums. Through this, we can often predict the need and specifications of orthodontic treatment.
Get a better grip on your dental condition by coming into our Cincinnati office for digital X-rays today.