My Beautiful Smile

A personal note from our team member, Jenifer:

I have always had a fear of the dentist. Drs. Dave and Mike Rothan are truly miracle workers! Both Dr. Dave and Dr. Mike have a gift of understanding dental fears, and their kindness and gentleness will put anyone at ease.

I first started out with a tooth that had a large amount of decay, and I was so scared that I was holding my breath. The more Dr. Rothan spoke to me and explained what needed to be done, I was okay getting the work done even as scared as I was. He suggested trying the “laughing gas” (nitrous) which helped me relax during my appointment. After getting my extraction I knew this was my dental office. This is where I needed to be. The staff are so caring and understanding, I never feel like I’m being judged.

Before my first appointment with Dr. Rothan I have never been to a dentist regularly. Next thing I know, about 14 months after my very first appointment all my restorative work has been completed, and I have started with cosmetic work.

In four months I will be finished with Invisalign, which I highly recommend to anyone. I love it! I have had people notice my smile more often. I no longer have a crossbite. I feel the urge to smile more. It’s such an easy process: you switch your trays as needed you and do not come in as often as you would with traditional braces. I have heard stories before I had started my own orthodontic treatment about how painful it is, and I really do not have any pain with my orthodontic treatment.

Once I am finished with my Invisalign my next step in cosmetic dentistry that I will be doing is whitening! I love my smile and now have more confidence with my smile!

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