Best Dentists in Cincinnati, Ohio – Expert Reviews & Insights

best dentists in Cincinnati ohio
best dentists in Cincinnati ohio

Finding the best dentists in Cincinnati, Ohio, means connecting with professionals who are not only skilled in their craft but also dedicated to your overall dental health and satisfaction. This guide offers an in-depth look at Cincinnati’s top dental practices, renowned for their exceptional care and wide range of services.

Discover the perfect dentist for your unique needs as we examine the factors that set these professionals apart.

How We Evaluate Cincinnati’s Finest Dentists

Our comprehensive scoring system ensures a fair and detailed assessment of Cincinnati’s dental practices, focusing on essential aspects of quality care and patient experience.

Experience and Qualifications (Total: 30 Points)

  • Educational Background: Up to 10 points for dentists’ academic credentials from leading dental institutions.
  • Specialized Training: A maximum of 10 points for expertise in emergency, pediatric, or cosmetic dentistry in Cincinnati.
  • Years of Practice: Up to 10 points reflecting experience and community trust.

Patient Reviews and Testimonials (Total: 30 Points)

  • Patient Ratings: Up to 20 points based on average reviews from platforms such as Healthgrades and Google.
  • Testimonials: Up to 10 points for qualitative feedback on treatment outcomes and patient care.

Range of Services (Total: 20 Points)

  • General Dentistry: Up to 5 points for offering comprehensive dental services.
  • Specialized Services: Up to 10 points for various treatments, including orthodontics, cosmetic procedures, and more.
  • Emergency Care: Up to 5 points for readiness to handle urgent dental needs.

Location and Accessibility (Total: 20 Points)

  • Proximity: Up to 10 points for a convenient location in Cincinnati.
  • Clinic Accessibility: Up to 10 points for accessibility features and ease of scheduling.


Highlighting Cincinnati’s Premier Dental Practices

In Cincinnati, the choice of exceptional dental care extends beyond technical expertise. The top dentists in this vibrant city are distinguished by their patient-centered philosophies, state-of-the-art facilities, and commitment to providing a stress-free dental experience.


1. Twin Dental (522 Reviews, Rating: 4.9 – Total Score: 96 Points)

Twin Dental is a leading dental practice in Cincinnati, Ohio, renowned for its superb services and patient-centric approach.

Embracing a philosophy centered on delivering exceptional dental care within a welcoming environment, their expertise positions Twin Dental as a premier choice for dental services in the city.

Experience and Qualifications (30/30 Points)

Patient Reviews and Testimonials (30/30 Points)

  • High Patient Satisfaction: The exceptional number of positive reviews is a testament to their commitment to patient comfort and satisfaction. (20/20 points)
  • Positive Feedback: Patients frequently commend the friendly and reassuring environment and the high-quality care provided. (10/10 points)

Services Offered (20/20 Points)

Location and Accessibility (16/20 Points)

  • Prime Location: Conveniently located at 11430 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati, OH. (8/10 points)
  • Clinic Amenities: The clinic is designed for patient comfort and equipped with the latest dental technology to ensure efficient and comfortable treatments. (8/10 points)

Contact Twin Dental today and experience their top-tier dental care firsthand.

2. Forest Hills Family Dentistry (468 Reviews, Rating: 5 – Total Score: 94 Points)

Forest Hills Family Dentistry sets a high standard in dental care, focusing on creating a comfortable and patient-centric environment. Their team’s dedication to personalized care transforms every dental visit into a positive experience, ensuring patients leave with both healthier smiles and memorable experiences.

Experience and Qualifications (28/30 Points)

  • Dr. Franklin D. Wright’s Experience: A Cincinnati native with extensive experience and a DMD degree from the College of Dentistry at the University of Kentucky. (9/10 points)
  • Dr. Bradley A. Dorsch’s Background: An honors graduate from Northwestern University with a DDS degree and significant experience in prosthodontics and family dental practice. (9/10 points)
  • Community Contribution: Dr. Wright’s involvement in forensic dentistry, state dental board appointment, and Dr. Dorsch’s academic contributions highlight their commitment to the field. (10/10 points)

Patient Reviews and Testimonials (30/30 Points)

  • High Satisfaction: Excellent patient reviews emphasize their commitment to providing a relaxing and virtually pain-free experience. (20/20 points)
  • Community Service: The practice’s membership club options for uninsured patients reflect their dedication to accessible dental care. (10/10 points)

Services Offered (20/20 Points)

  • Comprehensive Services: Offering everything from general to cosmetic dentistry, extractions, orthodontics, and sedation dentistry. (10/10 points)
  • Advanced Technology: Utilizing the latest dental technology for safe and efficient treatments. (10/10 points)

Location and Accessibility (16/20 Points)

  • Prime Location: Centrally located at 1055 Nimitzview Drive, Cincinnati, OH, offering easy access for patients. (8/10 points)
  • Clinic Amenities: The clinic’s environment is geared towards patient comfort, featuring state-of-the-art dental technology for a seamless experience. (8/10 points)


3. Shertok Smiles (369 Reviews, Rating: 4.9 – Total Score: 93 Points)

Shertok Smiles stands out in the heart of Cincinnati for its unique approach to dental wellness, blending quality care with a deep commitment to patient comfort. Their personalized service is about treating teeth and nurturing lasting relationships with patients, making every visit a step toward long-term oral health.

Experience and Qualifications (28/30 Points)

  • Dr. Dani Shertok’s Expertise: With engineering and dental degrees, Dr. Shertok brings a unique perspective to dentistry, complemented by advanced training in smile design and bite rehabilitation. (9/10 points)
  • Dr. Walter E. Gay’s Experience: Over 30 years in practice focusing on cosmetic, general, and restorative dentistry. (9/10 points)
  • Continued Education: Dr. Shertok’s commitment to further training, including a residency at the University of Florida, underscores his dedication to advanced dental care. (10/10 points)

Patient Reviews and Testimonials (30/30 Points)

  • Patient-Centric Approach: High ratings and positive feedback highlight their commitment to care, honesty, and affordability. (20/20 points)
  • Comprehensive Care: The one-stop solution for various dental needs is highly praised by patients. (10/10 points)

Services Offered (20/20 Points)

  • Diverse Dental Treatments: A wide range of services from cosmetic to restorative and general dentistry. (10/10 points)
  • Accessibility: Serving multiple locations, including Over-the-Rhine, Hyde Park, Oakley, Indian Hill, Downtown Cincinnati, and Fort Thomas. (10/10 points)

Location and Accessibility (16/20 Points)

  • Prime Location: Ideally situated to serve patients from various locations, including Over-the-Rhine, Hyde Park, and Downtown Cincinnati, enhancing its accessibility. (8/10 points)
  • Clinic Comfort: The practice is known for its comfortable setting and patient-focused amenities, ensuring a pleasant dental visit. (8/10 points)


4. Mt. Lookout Dentistry (362 Reviews, Rating: 4.9 – Total Score: 92 Points)

Mt. Lookout Dentistry is not just a dental practice; it’s a place where patient relationships are valued as much as dental health. Their approach to care is infused with compassion and artistry, ensuring that each patient’s journey toward optimal oral health is effective and pleasant.

Experience and Qualifications (28/30 Points)

  • Dr. Ben T. Gosnell’s Background: A University of Kentucky graduate with advanced training in general dentistry and continuous education through renowned study clubs. (9/10 points)
  • Dr. David N. Croop’s Experience: Over 34 years in dentistry with comprehensive training and innovative contributions to dental instruments and devices. (9/10 points)
  • Dr. Sara Jane Klump’s Contributions: Focused on family dentistry with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a dental degree from the University of Louisville. (10/10 points)

Patient Reviews and Testimonials (30/30 Points)

  • Quality Care: High praise for their approach to personalized treatment and education on dental health. (20/20 points)
  • Patient Experience: Recognized for providing a dental experience that incorporates compassion and comfort. (10/10 points)

Services Offered (20/20 Points)

  • Extensive Services: From teeth whitening and fillings to veneers, crowns, bridges, dental implants, and sleep apnea treatment. (10/10 points)
  • Family Dentistry Focus: Catering to patients of all ages with various preventive and restorative services. (10/10 points)

Location and Accessibility (16/20 Points)

  • Prime Location: Located at 3197 Linwood Ave #1, Cincinnati, OH, making it easily accessible for residents. (8/10 points)
  • Clinic Amenities: The clinic boasts modern facilities and technology, prioritizing patient comfort and care. (8/10 points)


5. Hyde Park Dental Arts, LLC (357 Reviews, Rating: 4.9 – Total Score: 91 Points)

Hyde Park Dental Arts excels in providing modern and personal dental care in Cincinnati, creating a dental experience that addresses oral health needs and prioritizes patient comfort and satisfaction.

Experience and Qualifications (27/30 Points)

  • Dr. Christopher Logeman’s Credentials: A graduate of The Ohio State College of Dentistry with multiple awards and a certified Invisalign provider. (9/10 points)
  • Dr. Daniel Prywitch’s Background: With a biology degree and a doctorate in dentistry, followed by a residency in general dentistry. (9/10 points)
  • Dr. Mark Logeman’s Experience: Decades of practice with fellowship status in several dental academies and a focus on advanced dental education. (9/10 points)

Patient Reviews and Testimonials (30/30 Points)

  • Peer Recognition: Multiple Top Dentist Awards by Cincinnati Magazine’s peer reviews. (20/20 points)
  • Patient Feedback: High patient ratings for quality care and professionalism. (10/10 points)

Services Offered (20/20 Points)

  • Wide Range of Services: Includes dental cleanings, exams, TMJ treatment, gum disease treatment, and more. (10/10 points)
  • Advanced Techniques: Utilize digital X-rays and offer treatments like Dexis CariVu and mouth guard sealants. (10/10 points)

Location and Accessibility (16/20 Points)

  • Prime Location: Situated at 2761 Erie Avenue, Cincinnati, OH, the clinic is well-placed for easy access by patients in and around Hyde Park. (8/10 points)
  • Clinic Features: Designed for optimal patient comfort, the clinic is equipped with advanced dental tools and technologies. (8/10 points)


Exceptional Dental Care Awaits in Cincinnati

By choosing one of Cincinnati’s top dentists, you are ensuring the best possible care for your teeth and joining a community of patients who value quality, comfort, and exceptional service.

So, explore these top dental practices and take the first step towards a lifetime of excellent oral health.

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