Everything You Need to Know About Our Virtual Smile Consult

woman smiling before receiving dental work
woman smiling before receiving dental work

Twin Dental, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, knows that our work starts well before you are seated in the dentist’s chair. You understandably have a number of important questions and valid concerns that need to be addressed so you feel completely comfortable and confident before booking your appointment with us. That is why twin brothers Dr. David Rothan and Dr. Mike Rothan and the rest of the Twin Dental team invested in the Virtual Smile Consult. This simple, yet sophisticated digital program will help Dr. Rothan and you achieve the sensational smile you have been seeking.

When your ultimate goal is to improve your smile, we want nothing more than to get you there. And the initial step is an online consult that is not only quick and convenient but important for your care. It is the first step in assessment and provides an overview of the dental services that will take your smile to the next level, towards the look you have been longing for, and a healthier, happier you. No dental issue is too insignificant and no oral overhaul is too outrageous. We are ready to correct your dental “flaws” and restore even the most deteriorated smiles and turn them into something ravishing.

The Virtual Smile Consult is a great benefit for our patients because it offers a baseline smile assessment which allows Dr. Rothan to provide you with preliminary answers to your most important questions. Questions like, “What type of treatment will be performed?” or “How much will it cost?” for example. And the process is so easy, not to mention, FREE! What could be better?

There are three simple steps with the Virtual Smile Consult. You will be asked to upload a close-up photo of your smile (plus an optional full-face photo), then explain to the Twin Dental team what you would like to have changed or improved, along with your full name, email address, and phone number. We would also love to learn where you heard about Twin Dental. When we obtain this information, you will be delighted to receive an in-depth 10-minute customized video response from Dr. Rothan, your Smile Virtual Consult Certified Doctor. This educational video will include a detailed explanation of what we can do to help you achieve the smile improvements you desire. We will do our very best to be as thorough as we can via video and give you honest feedback to make sure you understand what is possible and what may have its limitations. Plus, we offer other suggestions as to how we can use our skills and services to make your dental dreams come true. That is what makes our Virtual Smile Consult so uniquely useful. Modern technology has taken the dental field to a heightened level, even before we meet face-to-face in person.

Once you carefully view the personalized Virtual Smile Consult video, you can then contact our office at (513) 987-9541 to schedule an appointment or fill out an online “Request Appointment” form on our website. You can pick a preferred day of the week (we are open Monday through Friday) in which you would like to come in, along with a choice of morning or afternoon appointment. Press ‘send’ and one of our friendly front desk team members will get back with you promptly to confirm an appointment date. We will already know what you have in mind for your smile upgrade thanks to the Virtual Smile Consult, so the dentist working with you can provide you with more details and possibly get the process started that very day. Your shiny, new, stellar smile is right around the corner, closer than ever, and crafted with complete care by Twin Dental.

So, are you finally ready to rock a special smile that shows off the stunner you always knew you could be? There is no longer any reason to put off what you’ve been missing, and missing out on the happiness a beautiful smile can bring. Twin Dental is dedicated to your 100% smile satisfaction and it all begins with a Virtual Smile Consult  – the modern-day, online approach to a pre-appointment Q&A session, in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Gather your thoughts and gain insight. We always aim to please and we are just a couple of clicks away. Simply complete your online Virtual Smile Consult today and make tomorrow something to truly smile about!

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