Benefits of Nitrous Oxide

Here at Twin Dental we offer our patients nitrous oxide to help them relax during their dental visit. Below are some of the benefits of using nitrous oxide:

  • Nitrous oxide can be inhaled, and, because it is a gas, it reaches the brain quickly, which helps the patient relax faster.
  • It is easy for the doctor to control how much or how little gas the patient is inhaling, so if it’s too much or not enough it is easily taken care of, so the patient stays comfortable throughout the visit.
  • Nitrous oxide leaves the body quickly, so the patient is able to drive themselves to and from the appointment without any issues.
  • Almost anyone can use nitrous oxide including people with pre-existing conditions like diabetes or cardiovascular disease and women who are pregnant.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment using nitrous oxide give us a call!