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Tooth loss can be devastating, causing a major plummet in self-esteem. For patients looking for a non-invasive way to reinvent their smile, dentures may be an ideal solution. The removable appliance is meant to replace missing teeth both in aesthetics and functionality, as well as the surrounding tissue. At Twin Dental, we ensure our denture patients feel confident in a beautiful, natural looking smile.

Dentures, a key piece in restorative dentistry, are available in complete or partial forms. While complete dentures will occupy the whole mouth, partial dentures are meant to replace missing teeth in just one area. A partial is made up of prosthetic teeth fastened to existing teeth via metal clasps. In addition to filling space, partials also prevent the surrounding, original teeth from shifting.

Dentures are composed of two parts: a set of prosthetic teeth and a gum-colored base. These parts are fused together. Dentures are very durable, but they do need to be remade, repaired or readjusted periodically due to normal wear and tear.

The installation of dentures is a process requiring several appointments at our Cincinnati office. Impressions are taken first, so the most personalized fit can be created. Once the dentures are engineered, the patient will schedule a try-in appointment. Our team will help adjust the dentures, paying special attention to shape, color and comfortability. The end goal is for the custom modifications to result in a proper, confident fit. Most of the time, dentures are fixed with adhesive. Additional stability can be achieved through implants.

Do not suffer from the humiliation of tooth loss any longer. Schedule an appointment with Twin Dental to explore the results dentures can provide you.