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Dental Implants

Are dentures becoming a hassle for you? If you are looking to add teeth to empty spaces within your mouth, a permanent solution exists at our Cincinnati office. Implants are a way to replace missing teeth in a way that is fixed. Implants are essentially artificial roots and teeth placed into the mouth. Made of titanium, the implants are surgically inserted into the jaw bone. Implants are known to be natural-looking and feeling. It is a great way to restore smiles to original form; we have been lucky enough to see patients’ lives changed by implants. They are a long-lasting and solid solution, only needing to be tightened or replaced after many years.

Implants are a solution for many dental concerns. They replace missing teeth without affecting adjacent teeth, prevent shifting of other teeth, solve bite problems, assist with chewing, speech and digestion, support facial tissue and secure existing bridges or dentures

Implant installation requires a number of appointments over several months. To begin, our patients undergo a dental and radiographic examination, as well as a health history evaluation. During these consultation visits, your specific needs and considerations will be addressed. Feel free to ask as many questions as you need! Molds and x-rays are taken to determine the location of bones and gum tissue, as well as the available space within the mouth. Our staff will use this information to craft the perfect implant solution for you.

At the next appointment, numbing is administered and the implant is placed the implant into the bone. This must be done by a periodontist or oral surgeon. When ready, attachments are connected to the implants. The replacement teeth are then custom fitted over the attachments. This may require a couple of appointments to ensure proper fit and alignment. Patients may experience a brief healing period, quickly giving way to comfort and durability. The entire process tends to take 6-9 months.

Here at Twin Dental, we notice patients have an improved confidence in their smiles, as well as a natural look and functionality. Most were overwhelmed by the success of their implants. Call us today to start implant discussions!