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Many of our patients use dentures in their everyday lives. Unfortunately, some experience a chronic loose or uncomfortable feeling. Consider stabilizing it at Twin Dental with mini-implants. In this solution, the denture is held in place via narrow implants placed into the jaw. The denture snaps onto the implants, keeping the denture locked in throughout the day, but allowing you to remove it when necessary.

Mini-implants have several advantages. With their aid, our patients can chew and talk more easily. Typically, only one or two appointments are necessary. The dentures are completely removable, allowing for simple cleaning and checkups. With proper homecare and regular dentist appointments, your dentures, in combination with mini-implants, can provide a durable and natural-looking smile.

Mini-implants are often used in patients who do not have enough jawbone for conventional implants or who need to temporarily secure a denture while conventional implants are healing. Although each case will be unique, placing a mini-implant generally involves similar steps. First, we confirm your denture is compatible with mini-implants. Next, we completely numb the area to eliminate any discomfort. At that point, we make a shallow channel in the jaw to host each implant. We then guide the implants through these channels into the jawbone and modify your denture to accommodate the implant. This occurs by adding attachments for the perfect fit. Last, we snap the denture into place, double checking the fit and bite. Your denture is now ready for excellent improvements!

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