Dr. Dave Rothan


Meet Dr. Dave, aka “The Fish Whisperer”. Dr. Dave has been living the dream since 1989 when he tied the knot with his beautiful wife, Lynn.

With four daughters and five grandchildren, his house is never short on laughter and love. When he’s not doting on his family, Dr. Dave can be found indulging in his favorite hobby – fishing. And when we say “fishing”, we mean talking to fish and convincing them to jump into his boat.

When it comes to his professional life, Dr. Dave takes his work seriously but not himself. He approaches every day with a sense of humor and a can-do-attitude. He may not be able to control the weather, but he can control the number of dad jokes he cracks in a day (spoiler alert: it’s a lot). With a devotion to his faith and passion for what he does, Dr. Dave truly is “living the dream”. Just don’t ask him about the one that got away.