Insurance & Billing Coordinator

Meet Stacy, aside from being a self-proclaimed comedian, she has been the insurance extraordinaire at Twin Dental since August 2020. With a guarantee of ending each day with a massive headache, she’s a fearless warrior who takes on insurance companies like a boss!

Stacy has acquired an arsenal of skills honed from surviving four teenage daughters and one very brave husband, making her a nightmare for procrastinating insurance companies who refuse to pay up! In other words, she is a superhero of sorts, but instead of fighting villains she is battling insurance companies to get her patients the dental benefits they deserve, ultimately saving the day (and teeth) one dental claim at a time.

In her free time, you’ll find her cheering on her girls at their sporting events, traveling with her husband or flexing her mental muscles with some challenging nanogram puzzles on her trusty iPad, usually resulting in her falling asleep on the couch.