What Are the Warning Signs of a Cavity?

what are the signs of warning signs of a cavity
what are the signs of warning signs of a cavity

Surprisingly, of adults, 92% have had at least one cavity. Mostly thanks to the amount of sugar in people’s diets, cavities are the most common disease globally!

Is it always painful when you have a cavity? At what point should you consult Dr. Mike or Dr. Dave? Read on to learn how to recognize possible tooth decay, and how to deal with it it.

Recognizing Tooth Decay

A cavity in your tooth is caused by the surface of the tooth being worn down by bacteria and acid. This eventually leads to a hole in the tooth, which we call a cavity. Cavities start on the outermost layer, the enamel of the tooth, but, if not dealt with, will also wear down to the inner layer of the tooth, which is known as dentin.

You can sometimes spot a cavity if your tooth has a dark spot. This doesn’t always indicate a cavity, however. Occasionally, dark spots on teeth might only be stains from food or drinks.

Other times, a spot may not be noticeable even though a cavity is present. Also, spots might be due to an injury or due to some medications. Ultimately, you should schedule a checkup at Twin Dental, if you think you might have a cavity.

Don’t Cavities Cause Pain?

How far along the tooth decay is can determine whether or not it causes you pain. There likely won’t be any pain when the tooth decay is only in the enamel, but the pain can begin as the cavity goes further. Once the tooth decay reaches the dentin of the tooth, you may begin to experience sensitivity to cold or hot or pain.

It’s vital to have any tooth pain examined by a dentist as it might lead to more serious infections or even the loss of a tooth. The earlier the dentist is able to address a cavity, the better the result.

Dr. Dave or Dr. Mike will look for soft spots on your teeth in order to find tooth decay. He will also take x-rays to find any tooth decay that may be out of sight, like those in spaces between teeth.

How to Prevent Tooth Decay

You can end up with a cavity when foods with carbohydrates or sugar such as bread, cake, fruit, candy, and others remain on your teeth. Bacteria in your mouth break this sugar down, turning them into acids. These acids combine with your saliva, creating plaque, which will stick to the teeth. It will slowly wear down the tooth. To stop tooth decay from starting, be sure to avoid foods and beverages with too much sugar and carbohydrates and remove any plaque that may be on your teeth by brushing and flossing regularly.

Don’t Hold Off! Contact Twin Dental!

There isn’t any way to learn if you have a cavity without going to the dentist. Once your tooth has a cavity, it only gets more serious the longer you wait. The more time that goes by, the more significant the damage to the tooth. If you have any concerns about your teeth or mouth, schedule an appointment with one of our dentists as soon as possible.

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