Sedation Dentistry in Cincinnati, OH: Stress-Free Dental Experiences

Although people generally recognize oral health as a top priority, many avoid visiting their dentist because of fear or anxiety. If you or a family member struggle with this, we can help. Twin Dental offers soothing sedation techniques to ensure each visit is a positive, successful, and comfortable experience.
Our dentists are experienced in sedation dentistry. We will safely administer your sedation as we monitor you throughout the procedure. This process is also helpful for patients with strong gag reflexes or those who require extensive work in one day, like general, cosmetic, or restorative treatments, including implantscrowns, and bridges.

Here are the ways to enjoy anxiety-free oral care and an improved smile by contacting our Cincinnati office today!

Sublingual Sedation: Better Than IV:

Sublingual sedation is just as effective as IV sedation. The benefit of IV sedation is no need for a needle in the arm. Most patients have little to no memory of the procedure and feel like they slept through most of the appointment, just like IV sedation. What we do is place a potent drug over the sublingual gland, and it soaks into your bloodstream instead of by IV. The only drawback is it takes about 30 minutes longer to take effect than IV does. Our patients relax in the chair while the effects kick in. Patients need someone to take them home after the appointment and will be partially sedated for the rest of the day.

Oral Sedation

We will give our patients a prescription to take an hour before their appointment to be taken on an empty stomach. The patient must have someone drive to and from the appointment. The sedation can be made more intense if needed by using nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas).

Nitrous Oxide

Commonly called laughing gas, nitrous oxide relieves anxiety, but the patient is aware of surrounding activities but usually has a “don’t care” attitude. With this type of sedation, the patient has more control than with other types of sedation. If the patient feels too sedated, they can breathe through their mouth and lighten it up right away. Conversely, if the patient is not sedated enough, we can increase the amount given. Once we remove the nitrous, you are back to normal within minutes and are able to drive home. Nitrous is also safe to use during pregnancy. The feeling while on nitrous is very much like Friday after-work happy hour.

General Anesthetic - Not Offered Here

A general anesthetic is not used in dentistry because the requirement is that an intubation tube is placed down the throat, which makes access to the teeth impossible.

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