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Sedation Dentistry

Although people generally recognize oral health as a top priority, many avoid visiting their dentist because of fear or anxiety. If you or a family member struggle with this, we can help. Twin Dental offers soothing sedation techniques to ensure each visit is a positive, successful, and comfortable experience.

Our dentists are experienced in sedation dentistry. We will safely administer your sedation as we monitor you throughout the procedure. This process is also helpful for patients with strong gag reflexes or patients who require extensive work in one day, like general, cosmetic or restorative treatments, including implants, crowns and bridges.

To begin, you will take an oral medication at bedtime the night before your visit. We may ask you to abstain from all foods and liquids for 12 hours because you will be taking additional oral medication when you arrive at Twin Dental. The medication will inspire an overall grogginess, so you WILL need a friend or relative to bring you to your appointment. During the procedure, we will constantly monitor your pulse, blood pressure, and oxygen levels to ensure your safety. You won’t feel any pain or be aware of time passing during the procedure. You’ll feel very relaxed and may even sleep, but you will respond easily to touch and our requests.

Sedation patients are afforded the benefits of necessary dental care, but are blissfully oblivious to the procedures taking place. The effects of oral sedation diminish gradually following treatment, so you will also need to arrange a ride home. Most patients resume normal activities a few hours after the appointment.

Enjoy anxiety-free oral care and an improved smile by contacting our Cincinnati office today!

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